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    Make Money With Migrom

Make Money With Your Videos

You can Earn money with your videos in migrom . if you have not any video you can earn money in migrom with watching videos .

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Everyone has video. Every business, every casual internet browser, every channel, every broadcaster.

Upload videos

Earn Money with upload videos and revenue by clicks on ads.

Video Analytics

In Migrom you can analyze your video and total views.

Manage your videos

In Migrom you can manage your videos easily.

Earn Money with upload videos

You can upload your videos and make a channel in migrom . if users watch your videos and click on ads that showing in your videos you can earn money with this and earn (0.02 USD) for each click you get from your videos!

Earn Money with Subscription

If you have a big channel you can get pay with subscribe to your channel and make more money . in Monetization Settings you can set Subscription Price for your channel.

Earn Money with point system

If you have not any video for making money you can earn money with point system. in point system you can make money with like videos or comment on videos or watching and upload videos.

$1 per 10000 points


Earn 5 points by commenting any video.


Earn 2 points by like any video.


Earn 2 points by dislike any video.


Earn 18 points by watching any video


Earn 100 points by upload any video

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