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7 Boxing Combos to Practice for Full Body Strength

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⁣Boxing is often used to lose weight, increase stamina, and stress relief. When throwing boxing combinations, you work from your feet to the tips of your fingers and work through multiple planes of motion.
This video showcases 7 different boxing combos you Practice for Full Body Strength.
Combo 1- 1-1-2 -- Stamina
Combo 2 - Step in 1-2 -- Explosive reaction
Combo 3 - 1-2-SR-2 -- Improve reaction speed
Combo 4 - 3-2-3 -- Rotational Power
Combo 5 - DR-4---DL-3 -- Counter punching and rotation control
Combo 6 - SQUAT 3-2 -- Leg drive up down power
Combo 7 - PLYOMETRICS -- FREESTYLE PUNCHES - Challenge all aspects
A boxing combo is a sequence of punches and movements that you execute to attack or counter your opponent. A successful boxing combo is one where you manage to: land your shots. Protect yourself from any counterattack from an opponent.

You can practice boxing combos by shadowboxing, hitting the heavy bag, or doing mitts with a trainer. Once you've learned the basics, it's helpful to have someone shout random punch combos for you to execute, so there is an element of randomness and uncertainty to your boxing flow. This helps your reaction and preparation for a boxing match.

Don't always throw the same punches to the same areas. Diversify your combinations by constantly going both upstairs and downstairs on your opponent, keeping them unable to anticipate where your next punch will be coming from. Knowing when to throw is extremely important.

⁣Practice these combos shadowboxing in front of the mirror, on the heavy bag, with mitts and sparring. Think about the situations where they fit best and make these combos a snap reaction.

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