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THE BATMAN 2 - Teaser Trailer (New Movie) Robert Pattinson Concept

11 Views· 02/06/23
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⁣The Batman is here, and it's good. In our review, we said that the film's "moody atmosphere, masterful cinematography and gripping performances put it at least on-par with Joker, and certainly the best traditional-style superhero movie since Nolan's trilogy.

Having started off as a Ben Affleck-led and directed Dark Knight flick in the DCEU, the movie has evolved greatly over the years with Matt Reeves taking over directing duties and Robert Pattinson as Batman.

The Batman is fairly self-contained, but Reeves does set up a world of possibilities for where the sequel could go, and the ending leaves Gotham City in an intriguing place that we'd love to see develop.

The Batman 2 has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros and, as a result, we don't have an official release date as of yet.

The final moment of The Batman takes place in Arkham prison, in which an unnamed prisoner consoles a distraught Riddler. This prisoner (played by Barry Keoghan) isn't confirmed in the movie to be Joker, but it definitely is.

Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis and Zoë Kravitz will all likely return as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Inspector Gordon, Alfred and Catwoman respectively. We know that Colin Farrell will be starring as The Penguin in an upcoming HBO Show, so that will depend on what happens in that show. We imagine that both Paul Dano and Barry Keoghan will be coming back as The Riddler and The Joker (again, respectively), with the latter possibly becoming the key villain in The Batman 2. Other than that, there isn't really much else we can say.

Pattinson, himself, has said that he's mapped out how the psychology of his Batman would develop over two more movies, so hopefully he gets the chance to explore this more in the sequel as well.

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